Maybe you took the PSAT, but did you really TAKE the PSAT?

  • Teacher: Why didn't you do your homework?
  • Me: Because you didn't ask any of the questions that I wanted you to askme
  • Teacher: But-
  • Me: Sir, I am a dolphin and you can NOT put a leash on a dolphin.
  • Teacher: Okay, but-
  • Me: You just don't see me the way that García López de Cárdenas saw the Gtand Canyon.
  • Teacher: Okay, I get it.
  • Me: But do you get it and SEE me simultaneously at the same time?
  • Teacher: ...
  • Me: *Clicks tongue* Crimson leaves, falling.


OMG! Feed me with more PSAT goodness! I want in on everything! I want to leave UK just to sit that exam.

  • I'm sorry Americans but wHAT THE FUCK IS PSAT
  • all I understand is that it has to do with dolphins, pianos ,peoms about leaves, and a pissed off sensei WHAT THE HELL
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Kingdom Hearts 3 - Battle Theme of the Kingdom of Arendelle. (Imagined)

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why can’t people see kristen stewart is basically 98% of all tumblr users

I’m sorry for all those years I hated you.

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Every frame of the Harry Potter movies, condensed into a barcode.

you know why theres a white part at the end? because happiness can be found even in the darkest of times

The Harry Potter fandom has officially lost their minds.

the harry potter fandom: where people get all emotional over colour stripes

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when you are forced to laugh at your teachers jokes



You’re one in a million. That means there are 320 of you in the United States. Find yourself. Start an army. Overthrow the government of a small midwestern town. Run shit.


Little Timmy was not fully prepared for this quiz, I’m afraid.

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think Booth may just be a bit excited about getting some more bathtub sexytimes, you guys. I mean, he’s freakin’ skipping/dancing down the hall in that last gif, FFS. ;)


Michael-Vincent, if you run up that slide one more time i’m never feeding you again.” DYING. IM IN LOVE WITH THIS EPISODE.